We are pleased to be settled in to our new 82 year old fixer upper near the beach at Bay Lake in the lovely town of Latchford.  After so many years doing things differently we continue to adapt and reinvent our way of life.

The Bush Blog 

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Off Grid Living

We have lots of downloads, information through the Blog, Books and articles. Coming soon, our Off Grid Living Book entitled "The Real Deal", Off Grid Living on a Budget.  Our hope is always to inspire, help provide activation energy and above all, share the Joy of  Living sustainably.

Our Publications

PURCHASE our Children's Picture Books in our "Charlie from the Bush" series, Crazy Charlie, Wild Songs of Freedom and our two "from the Bush" books along with links to other books about us. Our eBooks are also available on KOBO!

The NEW Blog 

Our new home in Latchford is an 82 year old cottage with a lily pond in the yard surrounded by flowers and flowering bushes, big beautiful trees and Bay Lake across the street!

We are soon to have a new roof and hope to have enough energy for a Housewarming this summer.